Tuscarora Tennis Club Play Options


Season Court Time

Season Court Time, or “contract time,” is the best way to coordinate regular tennis games throughout the season. You can enjoy a game with a group of your friends at the same time each week during our 34-week indoor season from early September to early May. Most groups schedule off weeks during the season for each player, which reduces the cost for everyone in the group. Season court time is billed in thirds – March, July and October.  Club membership is required.  In addition, contract groups receive 4 extra bonus plays and 50% off spot time during the season when reserved within 48 hours.  Contract players also enjoy free access to our outdoor Har-Tru courts.

Spot Time

With spot time, you can play with a group of friends when court time is available (contract time, flights, round robins, youth programs and lessons have priority over spot time). Time is reserved “as requested” and paid/billed when playing time occurs. Club membership is required, however guests can play for a daily $10 membership fee. This fee is applied to your membership cost if you decide to join us!

Round Robins

Our Round Robin series features play opportunities for evenly matched groups of players and are arranged by the Club. We offer Round Robins with no multi-week commitments. Club membership is not required.


Our Mixers are held on Friday nights from 8 pm-10 pm. This is a play opportunity open to all play levels, and is arranged by the Club. We request you sign up in advance, either at the Club or by telephone, as the Mixer is limited to twenty players. Refreshments are provided. There is no multi-week commitment, and Club membership is not required.


Have a tennis party at the Tennis Club! Members can schedule a party at our facility and book two or four courts for two to four hours. Membership of the party host is required however attendees need not be members.

Flight Tennis

These 15-week sessions feature a weekly play series in doubles and singles formats for juniors and adults. The series, which runs all year, is arranged by the Club. Evenly matched competition is based on USTA player ratings. Off weeks are scheduled to ensure flexibility for work and/or family commitments. Club membership is required. We have an introductory membership rate ($90) for new flight participants. 

We Offer Many Play Options for Members & Non-Members

Give us a call to view our indoor / outdoor tennis club in Frederick, MD. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our facility, membership, play options, tennis lessons, or camps.